Biofaction organized an open call for our new Artist in Residence programm. The call received 166 submissions from 43 countries in total and around 75 submissions for MADONNA.

The jury panel had the difficult task of selecting two artists for MADONNA among many interesting choices. We congratulate the winning artists: Isabelle Andriessen and Lara Tabet.

Isabelle Andriessen will be the visiting artist at the Prof. Lee Cronin’s lab of the School of Chemistry, University of Glasgow. She is a visual artist who creates ‘performative’ sculptures which physically transform along their own agency, metabolism and behaviour – over the course of one or several exhibitions.

Lara Tabet will be the resident at Prof. Victor de Lorenzo’s lab of the Molecular Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia, CSIC Madrid.  She is a practicing medical doctor and visual artist. Her most recent work contemplates the relationship between physical objects and their digital twins.

To get more information about the programme, you can follow the link here. We are looking forward to the collaboration of the artists and our project partners.